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      Sacajawea Visitor Center
        June 7, 2019

      Head off “Summer Learning Loss” with a visit to The Salmon Valley.

      The days are getting longer, and school is out for summer. Although I look forward to the lazy summer afternoon and slower pace that June brings, I also vividly remember some of the boredom I experienced during summer breaks as a kid. Not only are... Read Post

        May 29, 2019

      Summer is Coming to the Salmon Valley

      “Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”  - Henry James, qtd. in A Backward Glance, Edith Wharton Summer is fast approaching and with it the... Read Post

      Salmon, Idaho.
        March 5, 2018

      The Idaho Town In The Middle Of Nowhere That’s So Worth The Journey

      Posted in Idaho January 31, 2018 by Emerson Curtright Located on the banks of “The River of No Return” and surrounded by several different national forests is the quaint town of Salmon. With a population of 3,112, this little town isn’t... Read Post

        May 30, 2017

      Even The Crazy Tourist loves Salmon, Idaho!

      Another online travel magazine finds Salmon, Idaho and loves it! "Salmon is a town clinging to an old wild west identity without the roughness..." TheCrazyTourist.com ranks Salmon #2 in 15 "Best Small Towns to Visit in Idaho". - "The western... Read Post

      FredThomas-2017 - Salmon artwork
        March 30, 2017

      Outside: Salmon River Steelhead

      This is a featured article in BigSkyJournal.com written by Greg Thomas and illustrated by Fred Thomas from February 2017. I grew up along the Pacific Northwest’s coastal salmon and steelhead streams where it was easy to spot the rookie... Read Post

      Odd Fellows Bakery - Salmon, Idaho
        December 23, 2016

      Creating Business in a Small Town

      SALMON, IDAHO — Seven years ago, any out-of-towner might not have looked twice at the old Odd Fellows building in downtown Salmon, which is in central Idaho north of Challis. But volunteer Cindy Phelps and the Craig and Jessica McCallum family saw... Read Post

      Boat fishing steelhead
        November 11, 2016

      Sixteens Hours in Salmon

      This is a featured article in NRS's Duct Tape Diaries by Emerald LaFortune from November 10, 2016. Salmon, Idaho is a lot of things. Gloriously podunk, an outdoor enthusiast’s hub, and the destination for your next steelhead fishing trip. A... Read Post

        August 20, 2015

      In Idaho, Thin Snow Means Fat Tires

      By Matt Furber for the New York Times, FEB 25, 2014 - . Snow has been so scant in Idaho this winter that bicycles started showing up in shop windows in the middle of January, and cyclists began booking ski huts during a season when it’s... Read Post

        February 28, 2015

      These 9 Places In Idaho Make The Best Sandwiches EVER

      Original article from "OnlyInYourState.com" The weather is hot, the air is sweltering, and the thought of indulging in excessive amounts of anything other than ice cream and ice water sounds like torture. But a body’s gotta eat. So what’s... Read Post

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