Meetings & Spaces

The Salmon, Idaho valley and the surrounding area are full of beautiful and accommodating places and spaces for meetings and gatherings for your company or family. Look around in our new mini-site to gain some unique perspectives and spark some ideas for your next group getaway. From modern and fully connected to rustic and off-the-grid!

Some people have used these locations for family and class reunions for years, while some are discovering a one-of-a-kind opportunity to unplug and focus the group on the task of getting re-acquainted. Here at the edge of the Idaho Wilderness area… you may just find that perfect location to conduct your next workshop, training, retreat or group gathering.

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Learning Center Artist Workshop at Salmon, Idaho's Sacajawea Center

Find Meeting Spaces

Lewis and Clark Trail, North Fork, ID
201 Riverfront Drive, Salmon, ID
199 Twin Peaks Ranch Rd, Salmon, ID