Solitude between Mountain Peaks

The Lemhi River – Salmon, ID 

-From the July/August 2019 issue of Northwest Flyfishing

Nestled between the Beaverhead Mountains and the Lemhi Range, Idaho’s scenic Lemhi River ows northwest from where it forms near the tiny town of Leadore—winding from one side of the valley to the other and dropping about 2,000 feet in elevation—to the Salmon River in the town of Salmon. Throughout the river’s course, the ranch lands of the valley floor give way to rugged mountains above the 60-mile-mile long river.

image: scenic river overview
Image: © JOHN MACGILLIVRAY courtesy Northwest Flyfishing

Anglers who enjoy wade-fishing on small waters can find solitude and scenery appealing enough that it’s easy to forget that a road, Idaho State Route 28, runs nearby. But even those who prefer getting a little farther from the pavement can find accessible pristine stretches on this modest-size river. The Lemhi offers something for everyone—it’s approachable and kind to newcomers, yet it’s pristine and complex enough to satisfy even the most discerning anglers… continue reading *

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