Whitewater Memorial-Ride

With over 90% of lands in Lemhi County public, and immediate access to millions of acres of pristine Wilderness, there is no shortage of open space in the Salmon Valley. The question is how to explore it all. Forest Service roads provide access to trailheads for motorized vehicles such as snowmobiles, ATVs and 4WDs, but you’ll barely be scratching the surface. For a truly remote experience, you’ll need to begin your backcountry adventure where the roads end, and continue under your own power.

Although many of the area trails are ideal for mountain bikers, most forays into the wilderness are undertaken on foot or on horseback. Hikers and backpackers will find the tranquility of endless miles of well-maintained trails immensely rewarding, but the most popular form of backcountry transportation is horseback. Horseback riding offers the most variety and the least amount of effort. You can trail ride through mellow open meadows, up narrow forest trails, along rugged ridges, and/or up to secluded alpine lakes where unparalleled wildlife viewing and fishing opportunities abound.